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A 2017 to Remember

A normal life is something I’ve always wished for but is something I’ve yet to get. But when 2017 started there was a lot of hope that this would be the year that all of that changes. As the year started, I was suffering from severe back pain and spasms and was coughing up noticeable amounts of blood. I figured giving myself some time to rest would help me start feeling better like it always has in the past. In the early hours of January 20th (around 3AM) the pain got too severe that even sleeping was impossible, that’s when I realized things were not right. Later that afternoon I went into the urgent care to hopefully get some answers and some methods to improve the pain in the meantime. The doctor said I was in terrific health and that we’ll just get some X-rays on my chest to see if there’s a slight case of pneumonia and maybe figure out what’s causing this back pain. That’s when everything changed. When the doctor returned with the results I could feel a grim dark presence filling the room. They found tumors scattered all throughout both lungs and a tumor the size of a grapefruit on some soft tissue next to my left kidney. I found out it was stage four cancer and I was given a 10% of recovery. I knew then that life would never be the same and I had to learn to live with the idea that death was lurking around the corner. But I can’t give up, it’s not in my nature. As the months passed I had to endure 7 rounds of chemo and multiple extended stays at the hospital because of how I reacted with the chemotherapy. I had some very close friends pass away through that time and had other friends leave me behind saying I deserved to die with this cancer. With each round of chemo my tumors shrunk in little amounts. Finally September rolled around and we decided to get a PET scan done to see the progress. We come to find out that not only have the tumors continued to shrink, they were no longer active at all so it’s on to the next step. I got surgery October 26th to remove the dead tumors and to remove my left kidney since one of the tumors latched onto it. Now I am currently cancer free and basking in the light of a second chance of life. I am truly blessed. What should’ve killed me made me into someone I’m actually proud of. Live life to its fullest and live with no regrets; life can come crashing down on you without any warning at anytime.

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