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My Cancer Story

Hi My Name Is Isaiah Plater And This Is My Story

2 years ago I was just a regular young teen going outside playing football like every other kid My Mom as Planning to end The Lease And Move To Florida in 3 weeks  I said hey mom i got a bump on my leg and it hurts she said its to late t night for that go to sleep she thought I was nothing and so did i the next week I said mom it got bigger and she said I told you to put some ice on it (she didn’t) I said mon, no you didn’t lol she said I didn’t oh my bad well do it now I said yes mam. then next week it got even bigger and she decided to take me to urgent care. They said hey something doesn’t look right on the x-ray they sent me to Scottish rite a children’s hospital they told me you have to get surgery that’s called a biopsy so we can get a better look. I was nervous but I said ok. I woke up and the doctor was scared to tell me and he wanted my mom to tell me so she did and I cried when I found out I had Osteosarcoma bone cancer and I didn’t really know what it was until the next doctor came in and explained everything. I cried because I Realized I lost My football career I was soo good I was running back and never got tackled ever I didn’t even have to run out of bounds I just always scored. I also was apart of the marching band when I was in 6th grade I was the first chair in the HIGHSCHOOL marching band WHILE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL Later on Because of My Gratitude My determination and consistency I became Vice President of the high school marching band. I lost that too because I can’t march because of my surgery. We were Homeless Because The Lease Was Up SO we Had TO Put Everything In Storage And We Had To Live In The Hospital it was so sad we lived there for 3-4 months until my mom found somewhere we could live and i just wanted to die because we had been homeless before my only fear was living on the streets after have done so They Wouldn’t let us Leave The Hospital Because We Had Nowhere To Go. So I had to go in for chemotherapy every week I lost my hair I looked dead I was lonely and scared. When I had my surgery people usually take 5- 15 steps. But me I took 100 Because I am strong I am a warrior and I am a young king so I decided to fight even harder I had MORE CHEMO After my main surgery (I had limb salvage for my surgery) And I Fought it like a champ I even encouraged other kids with cancer to get up and walk and they did The walked with me and they got better and so did i  It felt good to help other kids then after my mom got into a car accident and they totaled her car so we are now taking uber back in fourth to the hospital and then the hospital decided to pay for our rides and we got lyft rides back and forth. And still now to this day I have appointments to go to and we have no car and its horrible because I can’t go anywhere I’m so bored and always at home So what I decided to do with my time is find something I can do to make money. SO AFTER THOROUGH RESEARCH I Decided to become a twitch streamer (My twitch is twitch.tv/duraggamin) and people come to join my stream they can donate money or if they have amazon prime they can link it to their twitch acc and subscribe to me or they can just subscribe to me and I haven’t been making money yet because I just started but I recently got 200 followers on twitch all alone and I’m so happy i want to be a professional twitch streamer because that’s something I enjoy because I’m limited in my working  so this is something I can make a lot of money doing I have business ideas with twitch but first I need to get a bigger audience before I try to even execute this idea its just been a struggle I haven’t been eating much I’m super depressed just having a hard time but I Have One More Surgery Coming Up And After I won’t have Any More surgeries. But I also Have to get the same Limb salvage Surgery every 15 years Which is so depressing to hear from you doctor But there Is Nothing I can do. And that’s pretty much it That’s My Story I am Now 16 Btw My Birthday is coming up December 2nd And MY Instagram is YoungZayGamin if you want to talk to me about anything.  



If You Guys Could Help Me With My Dream That Would Be awesome


Hard hit

 You were eight years into our relationship I was starting college in my 40s third time round. got word that we were inheriting two little babies. one with Angelman Syndrome.  I finish my yr college course spent a year home with these two little ones to figure out this new happy mess. In a tiny thousand square-foot house for 4. it was beyond stressful, Glen got haemorrhoids.  After a few months of them not going away, always having indigestion and a sore back I noticed that his muscle mass seem to be less. I woke up one morning and he wasn’t here I called and asked where he was.  he said he was at the hospital and they don’t think these are haemorrhoids. 18 months $40,000 in debt and no help with insurances or our government. So other than his treatment Cost thur mb healthcare we were screw. Credit cards and a line of credit is how we lived. It will take us forever to move beyond this debt. But private insurance folks!! He’s two years in remission but forever affected by the loss of 90% of his rectum and partial colon. it affects his diet, it effects how he plays with his grand children. It effects his daily routine. this affects how he sleeps at night and half the time he doesn’t. we need a Bidae toilet because of the acid burn. 

We are strong! We are determined. Yet exhausted. We are blessed and amazed by his strength. And grateful everyday he is here. This is the quick and dirty  no edit some filter

I always thought only old people got skin cancer…

So… I always thought that skin cancer was an old person condition, ya know 60-70 year olds, well I was only 28.

It all started with what I thought was 4 or 5 large warts that had been on my head for years, we’re talking well over 4 years, I’m a rough tough tomboy who never paid it any mind because I could easily cover it with my long brown hair. Out of sight, out of mind, right? 

The problems began in August of 2017. My head started to slightly itch and get very flaky and crusty at the area of the “warts”. They weren’t odd colored except for they were very shiny almost looking like pearls. My wonderful husband became concerned when he noticed my head bleeding one night, the “warts” were bleeding on their own, no scratching or trama, I paid it no mind. A couple of weeks went by and I noticed my head felt wet at work. I touched my head and it was a mix of blood and clear fluid coming from the “warts”. I became very worried and set up an appointment with a dermatologist ASAP.

September 5, 2017 was the day or the appointment, and probably one of the most shocking days of my life. My mom and sister drove 3 hours to come with me to this appointment. We make it to the dermatologist and I go back to the exam room. Dr. Raj comes in takes one look at my head and says, “yep. That’s skin cancer. Let’s do a biopsy to see what kind, and let’s go ahead and set you up with a surgeon to have it removed.” I was floored. I just kept thinking to myself I’m only 28, this is impossible. I asked him a few questions and he said most likely cause was excessive sun exposure. Fast forward 1 week and we found out I had an extreme case of Badal cell carcinoma, or as my husband jokingly called it. The paper cut of skin cancer. I was relieved to find out it wasn’t a deadlier form, but now we have to prepare for a battle.

october 19, 2017 was the day the plastic surgeons cut my scalp open. The surgery wound up being longer and more aggressive than we all thought. I had a full excision of the area along with 5mm margins all the way around. I had a skin graft pulled from my thigh and put on the wound because the had to scrape all the fat and meat away, all the way to the bone, to remove all the cancer. The cancer had burrowed almost to the skull cap (stage 2, borderline 3) When all was said and done I woke up with a Bolister bandage stapled to my head, skin graft stapled underneath my bandage, (24 staples in total) and 9 stitches in my skin graft donor sight. This was the most painful experience I have ever had in my life. I missed 11 days from work for recovery, not including check ups and ER trips for infection in the donor sight on my thigh.

On November 19, 2017 I received the greatest news I could ever ask for. All margins from the surgery came back clear, blood work clear, I was cancer free. I cried the happiest tears and thanked God.

My story of cancer survival was a fast one, within 3 months we found it, got rid of it, and began healing. But I will for the rest of my life have to keep a constant check for any new or existing changes on my skin because I now have a very high chance of having cancer again. I will admit, skin cancer is painful, and it leaves behind an ugly scar, but detection is key, if you feel something’s not right go to your doctor ASAP! 

The pics above are of my big yellow bandage stapled to my head 1 day post op, and my scar 3 months post op. You can see my dent 😁

Kenneth Weal’s Inspiring Story. (Lupus & Kidney Disease)

Kenneth was born as Kenneth M. Weal on February 23, 1990 in Bronx, New York. In the year of 2006 on September 11, at the age of 16 he was diagnosed with a sickness called (S.L.E.) Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, class V Lupus Glomerulonephritis with ‘Kidney Disease’ Nephritic Syndrome. Systemic Lupus affected both of his kidneys which almost killed him. A lot of people don’t live long with this sickness; like his great grandmother (Kenneth was born on his great grandmother’s birthday) – who lived only a couple of month before she passed away. Kenneth still has this sickness today.

In the year of 2006 Kenneth was in the hospital often. He went through a lot of surgeries; the first surgery he had was on his kidneys – The results came back and that’s how he found out that he had Systemic Lupus. This sickness is rarely found in males but it’s a very dangerous illness. Hair lost, swelling of the body [He had some much fluid inside of his body that he couldn’t urinate with taking a water pill] , back pain, mouth sores, headaches, low stamina, muscle pain, can’t stand/walk for a long period of time and depression are a few of the side effects that Kenneth had to deal with and is still dealing with. Kenneth is in pain everyday of his life but he thanks Jesus for giving him the strength to deal with the pains. Every since Kenneth Weal was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus, it changed his life around in a very positive way and that’s the only good thing that came from this sickness.

In the month of January 2007, Kenneth was released from the hospital. (He spent one week in October in the hospital, three days in November and than in December he spent three weeks – missing family birthday parties, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and even New Years Day) When Kenneth was home recovering from everything he had to go through when he was in the hospital, he was in his room sitting on his bed feeling extremely depressed about his life…. Until his mother walked in and said “Why are you depressed? God has REALLY blessed you… You know you wasn’t supposed to make it out of the hospital… I received an letter from the doctors telling me that you had a 70 percent chance of dying…. Give God the glory and smile.”  After she told him that he was stuck and shocked because he didn’t know that. (Kenneth is happy that his mother didn’t share that information with him when he was in the hospital because he would have stop fighting and gave up) When he snapped out of being stuck/shocked he looked up an said “I’m here for a reason.”  and when Kenneth said that he heard a small still voice say “Get back to designing.”

Kenneth Weal got so deep into designing his clothing products (Designing clothing products & etc was something he did a lot of when he was a little child) , that he wanted to take his business to another level. The day when he was going to take that next step he had found out that a small company in another country had the same business name he was going to use. After finding out that the company name he wanted to use was already taken he didn’t know what to do anymore – his dream of becoming a business person was gone….. until his mother told him to use his name……. he thought about it for a second and that’s when he broke up his name to develop a business called KenWeal.

He just had a name but he wanted a logo to represent his life and his business. Kenneth came up with two ideas on using an eagle and a crown. The crown on the eagles’ head represents: That Kenneth Weal is the king of his sickness – He doesn’t allow the illness to run his life. The letters KW on the crown represents: His initials/KenWeal.  The 6 diamonds on the KenWeal crown represents the age (16) when he was diagnosed with systemic lupus with kidney disease. The eagle represents: Strength to soar and Kenneth Weal sees himself soaring as a child of God. The look on the eagles’ face represents: Determination – He’s very focused on achieving greatness. KenWeal name: He separated his first name and used his last name.

Kenneth takes himself as being a positive role model, a symbol of hope, and highly favored by God. Wouldn’t you think so? He thanks God for blessing him with Systemic Lupus because if he would have never been diagnosed with it he wouldn’t be who he is today. This was just a short summary story about Kenneth Weal’s life. More information regarding to his life will be revealed soon.

Hodgkin’s lymphoma

My name is Mackenzie Hanna I’m 21 yrs old was I was told I have Hodgkin’s lymphoma stage 3 I was only 20 at the time and it was a tough pill to sollow I didn’t know what to say what to do I was terrified before we even started I had a heart test they found 300 CCS of fluid on my heart went could’ve caused a heart attack they were able to remove it that was the worst pain in the world after 3 hours it was over and to think I thought being told I have cancer was the worst I went through Chemo and as of Nov 7th 2017 i finished my last Chemo I been going since march but now I’m comfortable going to the cancer Center and telling my story I never lost my smile when Dec comes I’ll start radiation I’m hoping to be cancer free soon #mackenziesfight 

Cancer is more than a ribbon

my name is Donna Murphy. I am 51 years old and I have been “Cancer Free” for 1 year. I am a breast cancer and cervical cancer survivor. My journey has opened my eyes to so many things. I have learned that insurance companies do not care if you get your treatment, your biopsy, your meds, your surgery etc. Etc. It took me 4 months to get my biopsy. From the minute I found my small knot to the day i got my biopsy was 4 months. I went from 1 small knot to 6+ masses in my breast and 38 lymph nodes involved in the 4 months. Once I got my biopsy everything went so quickly it was like a whirlwind. I didn’t have time to think. I began to research the meds that were being put into my body. Drugs like Carboplatin, Perjeta, Taxotere, Herceptin. I also started educating myself about my diagnosis Invasive Ductal Carcinoma with Necrosis HER2+ stage 3C grade 3. I read anything and everything I could to educate myself on what should be going on, what test are appropriate, what drugs I should be on and their side effects etc. Your most powerful hand you can play is being educated about your disease. Don’t put all your faith and trust in your insurance companies or your doctor’s. You have every right to question your insurance company and your doctor’s. Never put your life in someone else’s hands. I will be happy to help anyone and everyone I can. You can contact me on FB Donna Hall Murphy, IG@donna.murphy.98434, or at donna.murphy28086@yahoo.com

Thank you.

A 2017 to Remember

A normal life is something I’ve always wished for but is something I’ve yet to get. But when 2017 started there was a lot of hope that this would be the year that all of that changes. As the year started, I was suffering from severe back pain and spasms and was coughing up noticeable amounts of blood. I figured giving myself some time to rest would help me start feeling better like it always has in the past. In the early hours of January 20th (around 3AM) the pain got too severe that even sleeping was impossible, that’s when I realized things were not right. Later that afternoon I went into the urgent care to hopefully get some answers and some methods to improve the pain in the meantime. The doctor said I was in terrific health and that we’ll just get some X-rays on my chest to see if there’s a slight case of pneumonia and maybe figure out what’s causing this back pain. That’s when everything changed. When the doctor returned with the results I could feel a grim dark presence filling the room. They found tumors scattered all throughout both lungs and a tumor the size of a grapefruit on some soft tissue next to my left kidney. I found out it was stage four cancer and I was given a 10% of recovery. I knew then that life would never be the same and I had to learn to live with the idea that death was lurking around the corner. But I can’t give up, it’s not in my nature. As the months passed I had to endure 7 rounds of chemo and multiple extended stays at the hospital because of how I reacted with the chemotherapy. I had some very close friends pass away through that time and had other friends leave me behind saying I deserved to die with this cancer. With each round of chemo my tumors shrunk in little amounts. Finally September rolled around and we decided to get a PET scan done to see the progress. We come to find out that not only have the tumors continued to shrink, they were no longer active at all so it’s on to the next step. I got surgery October 26th to remove the dead tumors and to remove my left kidney since one of the tumors latched onto it. Now I am currently cancer free and basking in the light of a second chance of life. I am truly blessed. What should’ve killed me made me into someone I’m actually proud of. Live life to its fullest and live with no regrets; life can come crashing down on you without any warning at anytime.

Cancer Fighter

I am 38 years old I am a stage 4 colon cancer patient that I only have 6 months to a year left what my doctors have told me a couple weeks ago but on that note just want to say that I’m a fighter I’m a Believer and I will not give up hope and I will fight to the very end and I will continue fighting as hard as I can for myself and for my thirteen-year-old son and for my family who I love dearly and who have had my back since day one and I will continue fighting for all of us cancer patients out there there that are fighting very very hard and just want you to pray for me wish me luck and I will not give up hope and I will continue fighting everyday no matter what and I have faith in God that this is not true what the doctors have told me so I just want to thank God I want to Thank all of y’all for hearing my story and if you have any questions you can contact me 361 460 9265 or email Jessesaenz773@yahoo.com me however y’all want but just want to say that I will not give up hope I will continue fighting for all of us cancer patients out there and I have faith in God that someday I will be healed and cured cause #Fuckcancer and let’s continue to fight and stay strong God bless🙏🎗➰🥊🥊🙏👨🏻‍🍳

Cancer Fighter

Hello my name is Jesse Saenz Jr  I’m 38 years old I’m a stage 4 colon cancer patient three weeks ago I was told by my doctors that only have 6 months to a year to live hearing the bad news really broke my heart and my family’s heart but I will not give up I will continue fighting everyday of my life and I will keep fighting for those cancer patients out there I will continue being strong I will continue praying to God and I will not give up hope and I will fight this battle to the very end. It has been hard for my son and I but I will continue fighting and would never show weakness and will never give up I know life isn’t fair at times but I can say this that having my family and  closest friends and my 13 year old son close to me means the world to me and helps me everyday to get better and my goal is to beat this cancer and show the world that if I can do it anyone can do it I’ve been very sick at times with the chemo and radiation and medication and all my surgeries that I have had but one thing about me that I can say and  my family can also say is I never show weakness at times I do but I get up every morning exercise eat healthy call my love ones and tell them I love them cause every day isn’t promised  especially for us cancer patients out there but I have to say that we have to continue fighting  and we can’t give up and we have to do it for ourselves and for our family and for our kids and I have never travelled the world and haven’t ever traveled out of Texas so my plans and goals are to take more trips with my son spend more time with him do the things he loves to do which which are to go watch the San Antonio Spurs or the Dallas Cowboys or the Texas Rangers but even though money is tight I would do anything and everything to make those wishes come true even though I have 6 months to a year I’m going to do my best and do anything possible to do what he loves to do and I also love sports so it will be a plus for  both of us and plenty of good memories and we can have before my time is up before I wouldn’t do anything  because I was always working right now I’m going to do whatever it takes to make him and myslef  happy and do whatever he wants because he’s my world he’s my everything and I fight for him and i so on  that note thank you for hearing me out and if I can do it u can do it and will continue fighting and battling this ugly  disease and I will continue fighting for us cancer patients out there and I would not give up hope and we can do this let’s do this and #Fuckcancer and #Godbless 😁😢🤒🤕😄💒🎗➰💯🙏🙏

Never accept defeat

When I was 9, I was diagnosed with anaplastic large cell lymphoma in my left thigh. I was stuck on crutches from the tumor removal being a open wound that sunk into my leg. After 20+pills a day, 15 aggressive chemo rounds and 10 spinal taps I became cancer free 2 years later. During my treatment I made the greatest friend who also was battling her own fight, sadly after 2 years her cancer was to aggressive. She passed away at the age of only 8 years old, I was there at her home less than 24hrs before she went to heaven. Everyday became a struggle without her there. I started powerlifting to strengthen my leg, it became something I loved and decent at. This past weekend first in 13 years I showed my scar off with pride. With a weight total of 330lbs weighing at 129 I placed second. It’s taken me to this year to embrace my survivor background. I now have no anxiety with stares at my scar, I even shaved alot of my hair off , and wore my fuck cancer shirt and my weight belt even has it as well on. For all cancer fighters and survivors. Embrace the fight you have battled, that shit feared you.  We all carry this “swagger” no one else has. We need to stop feeling ashamed of being bald, scars or hiding the history. You deserve to wear a Trojan helmet.  You did the unthinkable !