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My best friend my mom

This past December my mom had her left kidney removed because there was a mass in it. It turned out to be cancer. A few months go by an shes in an out of the hospital the cancer is spreading. We went to NYC to Sloan Kettering an seen a specialist there. My mom has collentive duck carcinoma an kidney cancer. Its a rare an aggressive kidney cancer. She has been put on a chemo pill that didnt work we just tried radiation she had no responses as of today we found out she has a new 7cm mass in her abdomen that is cancer an her cancer has spread. As of tomorrow she starts chemo treatments we hope this work if it does it gives us almost a year with her according to the doctor. If it doesn’t she has 4 to 6 months left. My mom is my best friend my rock my everything there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do. I cant imagine my life without her. I have an older brother younger brother an sister an my 3 year old nephew who calls her mom so many people love her an wish this nightmare would end an we would all just wake up. I love you mom I love you forever an ever. Keep fighting this fight were all here for you 

Melanoma madness

I was given 6 months to live with stage 4 cancer. That was 28 years ago. I’ve dedicated my life to helping others wake up and heal from this terrible disease. 

I’d love to partner with you guys in some fashion. Check out my winning blog: melanoma madness. http://prudencesinclair.com/melanoma-madness/

  1. I teach people how to use natural healing and epigentics to improve their life with cancer and beyond. I’ve been endorsed by world renowned experts like Dr Barry Sears, Dr Brian Clement, Dr. Bernie Siegel. Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Andrea Pennington – check out more about me and my symposiums at www.pruesplace.com and feel free to call me so we can set up an appointment to chat about opportunities to help you and your organization. Thanks for everything you do. With love, passion and gratitude. Prue 6173203886

My moms story

My mom got diagnosed, after being sick for a long time, with leiomyosarcoma. It’s a cancer of soft tissue, usually, if not only, is found in three places. Luckily she got it in her cervix which is a non fatal part, of caught early enough. First she has the cancer removed and did radiation. At the five year mark, it came back…. Unfortunately it is a cancer that will, eventually, always come back. This time she had to get a hysterectomy and go through chemotherapy. That was the hardest to watch… But being the strong amazing mother she is, she pulled through and is in remission again! However the next time, hopefully not for a long time!, It will be fatal. This doesn’t make me look at the future as we will always lose a loved one to something evil. I just wish lieomyosarcoma could get more attention. She moved to another state where it took her over a year to find a doctor who even did any cancers related to sarcoma. I just want to bring awareness to this cancer.


Every kind of cancer is one of the worst things that can be apart of ANYONES life. Even if you don’t have it yourself. So I hope that more people, drs, researchers, etc. Will bring more attention to sarcoma type cancers. 🤞🙏💞

Malignant Non-functioning Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor


My name is Elizabeth. I am 43 yrs old, a wife, mother and cancer survivor. Cancer first came to visit me in 2004. Stage 1B2 cervical cancer, large cell non-keratinizing. I had a radical hysterectomy by my fabulous Gyn-Oncologist, Dr Krishnansu Tewari. He saved my life.

In late summer of 2016 I started having some minor issues very close to the location of the cervical cancer so he sent me for a CT scan. The CT scan was clear for my pelvic region but there was a subcentimeter mass sitting in the head of my pancreas, in the uncinate process.

My PC Dr then ordered a MRI so he could get a clearer image of this mass. It turned out to be a 12X14mm mass, about 1.4cm. I then spent the next 6 months being sent from one specialist to another. Neuroendocrine tumors of the pancreas are very rare, approximately 1 in a million, but it turns out they are even more rare in the uncinate process area of the pancreas. I have seen a half dozen Oncologists, each having a differing opinion on how to treat this tumor.

An endoscopic biopsy revealed that it was malignant. I have heard everything from ‘Lets wait it and see how it behaves” to “it needs to come out ASAP.” To remove a tumor in this location required a radical procedure called a Whipple Procedure where they basically re-plumb your digestive tract. They remove a good portion of your pancreas, which will most likely make me a diabetic, your gall bladder and the first 12″ of your small bowel. The morbidity of this procedure is quite high, as well as a significant mortality rate.

In February of 2017 I went to see a Neuroendocrine specialist at Stanford University. Due to my age and my Lupus diagnosis that I received in 2007 he recommended that we wait and watch it. At 2cm is when they will want to do the Whipple. Since there are so many adverse complications with this procedure he thinks the closer he can get me to 50 without a Whipple, the better off I will be. These tumors are typically very slow growing. For that, I am extremely grateful.

When I was diagnosed I asked everyone I could if they knew anyone who had a Whipple.  I found a few who had but they were mostly in their late 60’s or early 70’s and a good portion of them had their tumor in the tail of the pancreas. The Whipple is much easier when the tumor is located in the tail of the pancreas, they can remove it laparoscopically with a small incision and solely remove the tumor and sometimes your spleen. The morbidity of this procedure is much less as well as the mortality rate.

So, for now, we will watch it and get scanned every 3 months. As it approaches 2cm is when it will have to be removed before it can metastisize to my liver.

If anyone reading this is ever diagnosed with the same thing I would be happy to talk with you. Knowing you’re not alone is so important and comforting.  You can find me on Instagram under PicturePerfectMakeup92. I am also a makeup artist. I am grateful for time. Time to research, find good specialists, save money and most importantly, ENJOY LIFE! Please know you are never alone, just a few key strokes away from someone who knows what you’re going through and is always willing to listen. I am one of those people, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule and reading my story.  God bless you. 


A Caregivers Testimony – ACTS Community


Hello my name is Kacie Carlson and from St. Joseph.  I’m here to talk to you about the “C” in ACTS – which stands for Community. Community it’s a concept we speak of often, but what does it mean? What does it really look like to live “IN” community?


 However, when praying for the right words in my talk, something kept referring me back to the word “knot” and so when looking up the definition of the word, this is how it was described:


Knot –


1. A fastening made by tying a piece of string, rope or something similar


2. A tangled mass in something


3. An unpleasant feeling of tightness or tension in a part of the body




By now each of you may have tied a knot in hoping you will be free from an unpleasant feeling of tightness or tension in a part of your  body, mind or soul. I can’t tell you how many knots I’ve wanted to shed in my own life, knots of frustration … confusion … and uncertainty. I knew God had a plan for everyone, but at times I would question what my  purpose in life was. Often, I would wonder how God could possibility turn my knots into passions or gifts and lead me back to the community I was called to be a part of.


There is an old African proverb that says “it takes a village to raise a child” addressing the significance of community. This is not to say my parents weren’t capable of raising me, in fact growing up as an only child was simple. I had zero knots, as if it was a fine string floating in the air.  My parents and I always had a very special bond, together we would laugh, cry, tease, argue and love but most importantly we were always together. At a young age my parents allowed me to be a part of my school community whether  it was an after school sporting event or my mom signing me up for the next pageant, (jokingly today, my dad says: my mom shoulda had me in the kitchen more) but never-the-less, I grew accustom to my “only child” lifestyle and became very familiar with how I wanted my own family in life.


My parents were my best friends and I was complete as long as I was sharing life together with them. They always knew how to untangle my knots here and there and they were the only community I ever wanted to be a part of.


But then, as life happens…


 I met a boy …


 It became a regular ritual and before long, I was being asked the question of “will you marry me” and shortly after our wedding I was expecting. I began to develop Toxemia toward the end of my pregnancy and ended up having an emergency C-section to where I would deliver a 2pd and 10oz baby boy. The next few weeks we would find ourselves meeting with a neurosurgeon, he began to explain the abnormality  in his ventricles, which lead him to believe that our baby had “Hydrocephalus”. My first reaction was hydro-what – “my heart stopped.?” There was nothing more heartbreaking than seeing my baby hooked up to countless number of tubes while looking up at me before being wheeled off to surgery.


Was this life or death for him? I didn’t know. Could he possibly be affected with a disability his entire life and have no chance at a normal childhood? I didn’t know that either.


I knew I was a good mom with a very active interest in keeping my child safe. But no amount of good I could do could change the fact that I’m not in control of this situation. I was, in fact, helpless and very much alone. If something was to happen there’s a slim chance there isn’t anything I could do to prevent it, because I didn’t want to hear, “its okay. You’re an amazing mother. You got this.”


Because I didn’t.


The truth of the matter was I didn’t have anything together, and what was supposed to be the happiest times of my life now hung a cloud of self-confidence and fear. I became very disconnected with my husband and I confess looking back, I was also very disconnected from God. I struggled to comprehend how to pray, the importance of what Catholics believed and the responsibility to my Faith. Life happened, and my Holy Spirit got pushed to the back burner time and time again. In my mind, as long as I had my parents, they were all I needed to help me get through life. I had come to what I thought was the end of my knot in the rope, and I was tired. Tired of not being noticed in my fairytale bubble I viewed a marriage should have and I was tired of fighting the hurt within me, but as you could guess, there were two people I could always count on through hard times.


My parents…


Over the years, they noticed the emotional change in my life and my dad had suggested that I sign-up for an ACT’s retreat and thought it would be to my benefit for a few situations I was currently facing. When asked what an ACTS retreat was about, the only thing he said back to me was – “you just have to go”. I would ask him questions such as:


  • What do you do there?

  • What does River Rules mean?

  • Do I have to speak in front of a large group of people?


The only thing he kept telling me was: “you just have to go”. I wanted to make my dad proud of me so I signed up and hoped for the best. Sure enough my prayers were answered and before I knew it my cell phone was being passed to the left.


Then my thoughts got the best of me as I looked around the room:
“I don’t know these ladies”…”I’ve seen some of these women and they have never spoke to ME”…”I don’t fit in with these people” … “they’ll blab my business all over town” I sat at my table and tied my knot but didn’t want to talk about it, and so what did I do? I sat there and didn’t say … one…word.


Continuing forward toward the end of my retreat, I couldn’t come to terms with untying my knot. To me, it was much deeper than anyone could ever imagine. It wasn’t until the last day each one of my Sisters in Christ would untie my knot. That truly was one of the best highlights of my retreat and  I will never forget it. At the time, I thought ACTS would either make me or break me from my own free will and not Gods. I failed to see how God was not only calling me to be a part of such a wonderful community, but at the same time, he was preparing me for what my future would hold in the next serval months to come. I admit I was a hard nut to crack but leaving the retreat I was on a Holy Spirit high until shortly after, my world would be turned upside down and God would put my Faith to the test.


And then it was a Friday.


I was anticipating a normal weekend after work that Friday morning.  I was getting ready for work when my parents came over and asked if I could spend the day with them but the look on their faces I could tell something was majorly wrong. My mother’s voice trembled as she began to say Kacie: they found a mass in me last night at the ER. We need to get to Houston.


I don’t really remember the faces we came in contact with that day, I couldn’t tell you the first thing about the very cold community my parents and I were now a part of.  But what I do remember was running out of a tiny consultation room after hearing the words : your cancer has spread through-out your body and we don’t feel comfortable going through with your surgery.


They sent my mother home to die without any further visits or test intended. I can’t even remember the ride home that night, in fact, I couldn’t even pick myself up off the floor board from being weighed down by the tears.


And there it began … we went home and I sat by my mother’s bed cradling her hand every day, telling her how much I loved her as we began to plan her funeral day-in and day-out. The uncontrollable crying I would experience during these times would include  my 9 year old son trying to pick me up off the floor after collapsing while  thinking how I would no longer be able to call my mother 20 times a day or how she would never be able to see her grandson grow up. Plus the innocents of my son made it that much more painful for me to bear.


“Mommy, Is nanny going to die!?”


“Mommy, do I have to go to nanny’s funeral!?” …


As a mother, how could I ease his heart with the right answers when I was dying from a broken heart myself?


The next few days would go on like this as my mom reminded me she would always be around.  She wanted me to see her in the trees or in a flower growing strong, but I wasn’t ready to see her in the simplest things  in life yet. I spent time in her closet burying  my face in her clothes, and when trying to escape, I would find my dad crying behind his shed after saying his Rosary over her minutes before. Once again I found myself bitter, discouraged, losing Faith and in many ways I thought this was my entire fault. As tears slowly formed in my eyes and frustration began to pour out, I screamed “why God”…”it’s not supposed to be like this”. The meltdowns lead me to contemplating ending my own life.  I couldn’t handle losing the only sister I ever knew, the only best friend I ever had and the only mother I would ever know. Then I began to hate myself for wanting to inflict such emotional agony onto my family. There was a point where nothing could outweigh the tremendous pain deep within me.


Yet I could remember hearing my dad’s voice one morning speaking over the phone to a representative of a new cancer treatment center.  They proceeded to tell him, they had a team of professionals who cover every aspect of the body, mind and soul. They  assured to treat the whole person. We made arrangements to fly to a new community as my mom would continue the battle of ovarian cancer. I couldn’t help but think about the community we were once in and how cold and devastating it was to be a part of. I had lost hope and thought I was flying to say goodbye to my mom for the last time.


Upon arriving my parents and I spent 2 weeks in our hotel room before a plan of action would take place. You could only imagine what those days were like. I would lie in bed with my mom until the pain medicine put her out and then I would hop over in bed  with my dad because I was too afraid to wake up the next morning and find her gone. I didn’t want to be the one to find her first. My dad and I would chat, mostly cry but every night he before we went to bed he would tell me “just keep your Faith” -“keep holding on to your mustard seed”… I remember sticking my hand out in the  darkness of the night and asking God to please hold my hand and give me the strength that I needed. 


The next morning my mother had gone from walking as long as she could to  being helped into the center’s Urgent Care by wheelchair.  The doctor walked in asked if we  minded him saying a prayer over us. He started his prayer by saying “Lord please guide our hands and let us take care of this women and her family”…


At that time, I realized I needed help. I didn’t want to feel alone like so many other times in my life, so in an  attempt to heal myself, I sent an email to the only community I knew that would give me that strength I needed.


Dear, ACT’s sister, Please pray for my family. My mother will have a major surgery to remove all the tangled masses inside of her and will begin chemo shortly after.


I received an email back not from one person but from the whole ACTS community … with just four little words attached …


Trust. Surrender. Believe. Receive.


The next day another email


Trust. Surrender. Believe. Receive.


The next day a phone call from one of my sisters …


“We will be gathering to say a Rosary for your mother, maybe you can step away and say your Rosary at the same time we are, we aren’t with you physically but we will be with you in spirit.”


I will never forget that phone call and I will never forget walking out of our hotel room saying my Rosary that day. After that, I started saying my Rosary every day. I started sleeping with my Rosary. From then on I started walking around the cancer center with flashbacks of my ACTS Retreat. I started singing the songs from my retreat. And yes, one of them was Trust. Surrender. Believe. Receive. It was a reminder of how the Holy Spirit touched me at the time of my retreat and how I was surrounded by love and joy.


My mother’s surgery was a success and the doctors were very pleased but like most cancer patients there is a poison that runs through your veins called chemotherapy that you have to have. Those were the worst days to see my mother’s weight drop  to 82 pounds. There were times that I couldn’t look at her and there were times were she didn’t want anyone to be around her. Her weakness had control of her and at times I would have to lift her tiny head so my dad could spoon feed her. But when you are in depths of despair, when the future looks dim, it is important to recognize this as a gift from God. My broken heart was a special opportunity to turn to him. I now realize why God was calling me to be a part of the ACTs community only two months prior to the worst days of my life. The ACT’s experience has shown this to be true in the outpouring of love from my ACT’s sisters. It  has allowed me to see not only how much I am loved but also God’s beauty in the midst of tragedy. I look back at my retreat and the questions of judgement I took  of “I don’t fit in”, “what am I doing here” have now turned into “this is the community I strive to be like”.  


So what does it look like to live “IN” community? Well, for me, to always feel like a “loner” or a “no name” or like I didn’t matter in this world, my ACTS sisters have shown me that I do matter. The fellowship and strength I have received from this community is like no other. It has been a deeply invested community for me to grow my relationship with GOD when every other community has turned cold and harsh. Undoubtedly this community prepared me for the most trying times of my life, but by GOD, it prepared my soul as well.


If my mom would have been healed instantly, I would have never known about the power of pray and the need for sticking with it and for that I am blessed to be called to live “IN” community with my sisters in Christ. Thank you for letting me be your small child to raise in the village of love and Faith.






Spread the word??

I haven’t yet posted about this, because iv been trying to be strong on my own as much as possible. As time passes, it becomes clearer and clearer that accepting love and support is so much more healing than trying not to be a burden- (which is my own mental obsticle). Asking for help is a difficult thing… But I want to get better at helping and asking for help. 


Last year (02/2016) I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. They took out my whole Thyroid and removed about 13 lymphnodes from my neck. I decided to opt out of radioactive iodine for moral and ethical reasons; I truly feel there are more beneficial options for the long term. So… 


***I have this goal, to heal my body by talking to Nutritionalist and Naturopathic Docs, by utilizing a gym membership and by eating the best and highest vibe organic food/supplements.*** (These are the things I would be using this money for) 


We have an incredible machine to take care of so this machine can function at its highest level. We don’t have to think of Western medicine as our Only option to healing and we can heal ourselves. It does take hard work and dedication but it can be done; there are just no quick fixes. This is a rewarding and permenent endeavor that can help the body feel better and better w age rather than regress as time passes you by. 


What I ask of you? 


I ask that you first imagine your health status and where you want it to be, where it is now or if this is important to you at all? Secondly I would like to thank you for your time and energy, because it is precious and valuable. And finally, if you choose to donate then that is immensely appreciated as well, but follow your gut and do what feels good to your heart. 


Big Love and Gratitude,

Heather Lauer 


India story

My story starts several years ago, when I was around 14 years old I had a very harsh pain in my leg I went to the doctors and had to have an X-ray, nothing showed up, a year later I went back in to a different doctor about the pain in my leg they said it was growing pains, a couple more years later I went in as told them that if anyone slightly touched my leg I would be on the floor in tears I was told it was all in my head. Jump forward to when I was 18 I had been getting bad miagrains so to be on the safe side I had a CT scan done my doctor at the time decided to get one done on my thigh since I was still complaining about my pain, my head scans came back all clear but my leg scans showed a lump once finally going in to see a specialist they told me it wasn’t cancerous and we would just keep an eye on it, after it doubling in size every 3-6 months the specialist decided it’s time to cut it out (by this point it was protruding out of my thigh) I had more scans done only to be told the day before surgery it wasn’t going to happened and they thought they should get a biopsy done first, after 3 biopsys being cancelled I finally had one done, at the age of 20 I was diagnosed with a rare sarcoma. I had 4 rounds of chemo and 6weeks of radiation and I have just had it cut out a few days ago and have been told the great news that they got it all and I am CANCER FREE (in remission) at the age of 21.

i was glad to say a big Fuck you to Larry (I named my lump) 

My grandpa

Hey everyone so I live in Utah! Ok so it was July 20th or around there 2016 I was in the hospital for my heart condition and my grandpa was way sick so he was in SLC too. So we took him to all kinds of doctors👨‍⚕️ looking for a answer. We went to 6 different doctors well they all told us it could be Pancreatic cancer. So they did a tint biopsie well we got test back a week later we’ll I got out of the hospital after my heart cath and my mom went up to Salt Lake City Utah for the final answer. I stayed home with my sister my mom arrived home. She wasn’t crying so I’m like yay he has no cancer!!! But she wasn’t talking and my older sister who I was with knew. So I was like does grandpa have cancer??? Does he have cancer still no answer. I asked again she finally told me and me and my grandpa are way way close from day 1. We’ll she talked to me and I was like does he have cancer final answer. She started crying so I did too. I’m like he has cancer huh. She’s like yes. I’m balling my eyes out. I’m like does he really??? I’m yelling why why why??? Why him??? 😭 I’m like how long will he live?? What will I do if he dies?? Well they dident know how long he will live so he was sick yellow barley talking his hands were way skinny. It was hard watching him go through this nasty cancer and geuss what cancer it was it was Pancreatic cancer….. I’m yelling why why him again. I’m balling I’ve been his buddy from day 1. So he survived for 3 months. He baptized me and everyone in my family so my sister had her baby we immediately blessed her. He lived for 3 dang missable months. On October 29th 2016 we got a phone call in the morning and it was a Saturday so no school. And the phone call was my grandma she said get your butt down here we think grandpa is dying. So we got down to there house which is 7 miles from my house and my sister was 15 miles to my gradmas. So we arrived to the house I ran in I looked at my grandma and she amwas balling he was already in his death bed. So I got up to him grabbed his yellow skinny hands. And looked at my grandma and just balled. Well he gasped for air and my grandma said I love you. ❤😘 I said it too. And he couldn’t talk but he said I love you back. He gasped again then 5 mins later again well at 11:15 he took his last breath holding my hand😭😭. My life stopped for a few my life is destroyed right now I’m crying while writing this. But before he got on his death bed he went Alaska on a cruise then we went to the desert for his last trip. So 10-29-16 our life’s changed my older sister did not make it in time to say good bye. He was 72 I’m only 15 we were so close from day 1 never thought I would Burri my grandpa while he was This young I’m up a lot crying. It’s almost been 6 months since he died 😭I love u grandpa and your funeral to shut the casket was so hard and go to your grave is so hard I’m crying still to this point. Anyways grandpa I love you so much and miss you everyday 😘❤💋👨‍⚕️🙏😍😭😭😭🔫🔫⚰️😭 Lets kill Cancer #panceraticcancersucks 

My Cancer Journey

 Hi my names Adele and am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed on the 12th March 2013 with stage 2 cervical cancer. I never missed one of my smear test not only cause I knew how important there are but because I valued my life too much to miss one. I had 2 come back with servere changes abnormal cells. I went to my local hospital to have the cells burnt off,which wasn’t  pleasant experience but it had to be done. Waited 6 wks for the results & the first time it had worked ok. Had another smear 6 months after that and it came back with the same abnormalities and had the have the cells burnt off again. The 2 times I bleed quite a lot for 2 wks & had to take time off work to rest. Only waiting 2 wks this time for my results & I got a phone call from my doctors secretary asking me to come in tomorrow. I knew it wasn’t good news,so I prepared myself for what he was going to tell me. I just heard the words “YOU HAVE CANCER” and then things were all a blur the rest of that day until I had to tell my 12 yr old daughter that her mummy had cancer. That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do or say in my life. Fast forward 1 week I had to have an exploratory operation to make sure the cancer had spread any furtherrors which thank god it hadn’t. I then had about 2 wks to have an mri scan,pre assessment appointment & to get myself ready for the biggest day of my life. To say I was scared is an understatement but knew I’d be in good hands with the surgeons. The operation went really well they told me. I was only suppose to be in for 4 days but I was in 1 week due to an infection with my bladder. My bladder has now got permanent nerve damage due to the operation that they warn you it can happen. I had to use catherers for 6 wks after I got home & in that time I took another infection. I sometimes get small bladder blockages and infections which can be very frustrating but I’ve learn to live with it all. On my 1st post op appointment they told me another tumour had started to grow inside that month of being diagnosed etc which they removed. That kind of threw me back a bit hearing that. I got the all clear that day and I didn’t know wither to cry or hug the doctor. They saved my life even though am left without a few little problems & can’t have anymore children am here healthy and alive. There is a new normal after cancer that old person is gone for good this is the new stronger me. Always have a positive outlook with a cancer diagnosis and early detection can saves lives.

Adele x

Pink Album Stories of Redemption

TiMo Tunes is a rock band recording an album  and documentary featuring stories of redemption from the perspective of the fighter, the caretaker, the child and advocates. This album benefits A Promise of Hope Breast Cancer  Foundation to help provide financial and emotional assistance to families affected. Please visit www.TiMoTunes.com for more info