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Cancer Fighter

Hello my name is Jesse Saenz Jr  I’m 38 years old I’m a stage 4 colon cancer patient three weeks ago I was told by my doctors that only have 6 months to a year to live hearing the bad news really broke my heart and my family’s heart but I will not give up I will continue fighting everyday of my life and I will keep fighting for those cancer patients out there I will continue being strong I will continue praying to God and I will not give up hope and I will fight this battle to the very end. It has been hard for my son and I but I will continue fighting and would never show weakness and will never give up I know life isn’t fair at times but I can say this that having my family and  closest friends and my 13 year old son close to me means the world to me and helps me everyday to get better and my goal is to beat this cancer and show the world that if I can do it anyone can do it I’ve been very sick at times with the chemo and radiation and medication and all my surgeries that I have had but one thing about me that I can say and  my family can also say is I never show weakness at times I do but I get up every morning exercise eat healthy call my love ones and tell them I love them cause every day isn’t promised  especially for us cancer patients out there but I have to say that we have to continue fighting  and we can’t give up and we have to do it for ourselves and for our family and for our kids and I have never travelled the world and haven’t ever traveled out of Texas so my plans and goals are to take more trips with my son spend more time with him do the things he loves to do which which are to go watch the San Antonio Spurs or the Dallas Cowboys or the Texas Rangers but even though money is tight I would do anything and everything to make those wishes come true even though I have 6 months to a year I’m going to do my best and do anything possible to do what he loves to do and I also love sports so it will be a plus for  both of us and plenty of good memories and we can have before my time is up before I wouldn’t do anything  because I was always working right now I’m going to do whatever it takes to make him and myslef  happy and do whatever he wants because he’s my world he’s my everything and I fight for him and i so on  that note thank you for hearing me out and if I can do it u can do it and will continue fighting and battling this ugly  disease and I will continue fighting for us cancer patients out there and I would not give up hope and we can do this let’s do this and #Fuckcancer and #Godbless 😁😢🤒🤕😄💒🎗➰💯🙏🙏

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