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Hard hit

 You were eight years into our relationship I was starting college in my 40s third time round. got word that we were inheriting two little babies. one with Angelman Syndrome.  I finish my yr college course spent a year home with these two little ones to figure out this new happy mess. In a tiny thousand square-foot house for 4. it was beyond stressful, Glen got haemorrhoids.  After a few months of them not going away, always having indigestion and a sore back I noticed that his muscle mass seem to be less. I woke up one morning and he wasn’t here I called and asked where he was.  he said he was at the hospital and they don’t think these are haemorrhoids. 18 months $40,000 in debt and no help with insurances or our government. So other than his treatment Cost thur mb healthcare we were screw. Credit cards and a line of credit is how we lived. It will take us forever to move beyond this debt. But private insurance folks!! He’s two years in remission but forever affected by the loss of 90% of his rectum and partial colon. it affects his diet, it effects how he plays with his grand children. It effects his daily routine. this affects how he sleeps at night and half the time he doesn’t. we need a Bidae toilet because of the acid burn. 

We are strong! We are determined. Yet exhausted. We are blessed and amazed by his strength. And grateful everyday he is here. This is the quick and dirty  no edit some filter

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