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Kenneth Weal’s Inspiring Story. (Lupus & Kidney Disease)

Kenneth was born as Kenneth M. Weal on February 23, 1990 in Bronx, New York. In the year of 2006 on September 11, at the age of 16 he was diagnosed with a sickness called (S.L.E.) Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, class V Lupus Glomerulonephritis with ‘Kidney Disease’ Nephritic Syndrome. Systemic Lupus affected both of his kidneys which almost killed him. A lot of people don’t live long with this sickness; like his great grandmother (Kenneth was born on his great grandmother’s birthday) – who lived only a couple of month before she passed away. Kenneth still has this sickness today.

In the year of 2006 Kenneth was in the hospital often. He went through a lot of surgeries; the first surgery he had was on his kidneys – The results came back and that’s how he found out that he had Systemic Lupus. This sickness is rarely found in males but it’s a very dangerous illness. Hair lost, swelling of the body [He had some much fluid inside of his body that he couldn’t urinate with taking a water pill] , back pain, mouth sores, headaches, low stamina, muscle pain, can’t stand/walk for a long period of time and depression are a few of the side effects that Kenneth had to deal with and is still dealing with. Kenneth is in pain everyday of his life but he thanks Jesus for giving him the strength to deal with the pains. Every since Kenneth Weal was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus, it changed his life around in a very positive way and that’s the only good thing that came from this sickness.

In the month of January 2007, Kenneth was released from the hospital. (He spent one week in October in the hospital, three days in November and than in December he spent three weeks – missing family birthday parties, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and even New Years Day) When Kenneth was home recovering from everything he had to go through when he was in the hospital, he was in his room sitting on his bed feeling extremely depressed about his life…. Until his mother walked in and said “Why are you depressed? God has REALLY blessed you… You know you wasn’t supposed to make it out of the hospital… I received an letter from the doctors telling me that you had a 70 percent chance of dying…. Give God the glory and smile.”  After she told him that he was stuck and shocked because he didn’t know that. (Kenneth is happy that his mother didn’t share that information with him when he was in the hospital because he would have stop fighting and gave up) When he snapped out of being stuck/shocked he looked up an said “I’m here for a reason.”  and when Kenneth said that he heard a small still voice say “Get back to designing.”

Kenneth Weal got so deep into designing his clothing products (Designing clothing products & etc was something he did a lot of when he was a little child) , that he wanted to take his business to another level. The day when he was going to take that next step he had found out that a small company in another country had the same business name he was going to use. After finding out that the company name he wanted to use was already taken he didn’t know what to do anymore – his dream of becoming a business person was gone….. until his mother told him to use his name……. he thought about it for a second and that’s when he broke up his name to develop a business called KenWeal.

He just had a name but he wanted a logo to represent his life and his business. Kenneth came up with two ideas on using an eagle and a crown. The crown on the eagles’ head represents: That Kenneth Weal is the king of his sickness – He doesn’t allow the illness to run his life. The letters KW on the crown represents: His initials/KenWeal.  The 6 diamonds on the KenWeal crown represents the age (16) when he was diagnosed with systemic lupus with kidney disease. The eagle represents: Strength to soar and Kenneth Weal sees himself soaring as a child of God. The look on the eagles’ face represents: Determination – He’s very focused on achieving greatness. KenWeal name: He separated his first name and used his last name.

Kenneth takes himself as being a positive role model, a symbol of hope, and highly favored by God. Wouldn’t you think so? He thanks God for blessing him with Systemic Lupus because if he would have never been diagnosed with it he wouldn’t be who he is today. This was just a short summary story about Kenneth Weal’s life. More information regarding to his life will be revealed soon.

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