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Melanoma madness

I was given 6 months to live with stage 4 cancer. That was 28 years ago. I’ve dedicated my life to helping others wake up and heal from this terrible disease. 

I’d love to partner with you guys in some fashion. Check out my winning blog: melanoma madness. http://prudencesinclair.com/melanoma-madness/

  1. I teach people how to use natural healing and epigentics to improve their life with cancer and beyond. I’ve been endorsed by world renowned experts like Dr Barry Sears, Dr Brian Clement, Dr. Bernie Siegel. Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Andrea Pennington – check out more about me and my symposiums at www.pruesplace.com and feel free to call me so we can set up an appointment to chat about opportunities to help you and your organization. Thanks for everything you do. With love, passion and gratitude. Prue 6173203886

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