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My Cancer Journey

 Hi my names Adele and am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed on the 12th March 2013 with stage 2 cervical cancer. I never missed one of my smear test not only cause I knew how important there are but because I valued my life too much to miss one. I had 2 come back with servere changes abnormal cells. I went to my local hospital to have the cells burnt off,which wasn’t  pleasant experience but it had to be done. Waited 6 wks for the results & the first time it had worked ok. Had another smear 6 months after that and it came back with the same abnormalities and had the have the cells burnt off again. The 2 times I bleed quite a lot for 2 wks & had to take time off work to rest. Only waiting 2 wks this time for my results & I got a phone call from my doctors secretary asking me to come in tomorrow. I knew it wasn’t good news,so I prepared myself for what he was going to tell me. I just heard the words “YOU HAVE CANCER” and then things were all a blur the rest of that day until I had to tell my 12 yr old daughter that her mummy had cancer. That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do or say in my life. Fast forward 1 week I had to have an exploratory operation to make sure the cancer had spread any furtherrors which thank god it hadn’t. I then had about 2 wks to have an mri scan,pre assessment appointment & to get myself ready for the biggest day of my life. To say I was scared is an understatement but knew I’d be in good hands with the surgeons. The operation went really well they told me. I was only suppose to be in for 4 days but I was in 1 week due to an infection with my bladder. My bladder has now got permanent nerve damage due to the operation that they warn you it can happen. I had to use catherers for 6 wks after I got home & in that time I took another infection. I sometimes get small bladder blockages and infections which can be very frustrating but I’ve learn to live with it all. On my 1st post op appointment they told me another tumour had started to grow inside that month of being diagnosed etc which they removed. That kind of threw me back a bit hearing that. I got the all clear that day and I didn’t know wither to cry or hug the doctor. They saved my life even though am left without a few little problems & can’t have anymore children am here healthy and alive. There is a new normal after cancer that old person is gone for good this is the new stronger me. Always have a positive outlook with a cancer diagnosis and early detection can saves lives.

Adele x

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