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My Cancer Story

Hi My Name Is Isaiah Plater And This Is My Story

2 years ago I was just a regular young teen going outside playing football like every other kid My Mom as Planning to end The Lease And Move To Florida in 3 weeks  I said hey mom i got a bump on my leg and it hurts she said its to late t night for that go to sleep she thought I was nothing and so did i the next week I said mom it got bigger and she said I told you to put some ice on it (she didn’t) I said mon, no you didn’t lol she said I didn’t oh my bad well do it now I said yes mam. then next week it got even bigger and she decided to take me to urgent care. They said hey something doesn’t look right on the x-ray they sent me to Scottish rite a children’s hospital they told me you have to get surgery that’s called a biopsy so we can get a better look. I was nervous but I said ok. I woke up and the doctor was scared to tell me and he wanted my mom to tell me so she did and I cried when I found out I had Osteosarcoma bone cancer and I didn’t really know what it was until the next doctor came in and explained everything. I cried because I Realized I lost My football career I was soo good I was running back and never got tackled ever I didn’t even have to run out of bounds I just always scored. I also was apart of the marching band when I was in 6th grade I was the first chair in the HIGHSCHOOL marching band WHILE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL Later on Because of My Gratitude My determination and consistency I became Vice President of the high school marching band. I lost that too because I can’t march because of my surgery. We were Homeless Because The Lease Was Up SO we Had TO Put Everything In Storage And We Had To Live In The Hospital it was so sad we lived there for 3-4 months until my mom found somewhere we could live and i just wanted to die because we had been homeless before my only fear was living on the streets after have done so They Wouldn’t let us Leave The Hospital Because We Had Nowhere To Go. So I had to go in for chemotherapy every week I lost my hair I looked dead I was lonely and scared. When I had my surgery people usually take 5- 15 steps. But me I took 100 Because I am strong I am a warrior and I am a young king so I decided to fight even harder I had MORE CHEMO After my main surgery (I had limb salvage for my surgery) And I Fought it like a champ I even encouraged other kids with cancer to get up and walk and they did The walked with me and they got better and so did i  It felt good to help other kids then after my mom got into a car accident and they totaled her car so we are now taking uber back in fourth to the hospital and then the hospital decided to pay for our rides and we got lyft rides back and forth. And still now to this day I have appointments to go to and we have no car and its horrible because I can’t go anywhere I’m so bored and always at home So what I decided to do with my time is find something I can do to make money. SO AFTER THOROUGH RESEARCH I Decided to become a twitch streamer (My twitch is twitch.tv/duraggamin) and people come to join my stream they can donate money or if they have amazon prime they can link it to their twitch acc and subscribe to me or they can just subscribe to me and I haven’t been making money yet because I just started but I recently got 200 followers on twitch all alone and I’m so happy i want to be a professional twitch streamer because that’s something I enjoy because I’m limited in my working  so this is something I can make a lot of money doing I have business ideas with twitch but first I need to get a bigger audience before I try to even execute this idea its just been a struggle I haven’t been eating much I’m super depressed just having a hard time but I Have One More Surgery Coming Up And After I won’t have Any More surgeries. But I also Have to get the same Limb salvage Surgery every 15 years Which is so depressing to hear from you doctor But there Is Nothing I can do. And that’s pretty much it That’s My Story I am Now 16 Btw My Birthday is coming up December 2nd And MY Instagram is YoungZayGamin if you want to talk to me about anything.  



If You Guys Could Help Me With My Dream That Would Be awesome


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