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My grandpa

Hey everyone so I live in Utah! Ok so it was July 20th or around there 2016 I was in the hospital for my heart condition and my grandpa was way sick so he was in SLC too. So we took him to all kinds of doctors👨‍⚕️ looking for a answer. We went to 6 different doctors well they all told us it could be Pancreatic cancer. So they did a tint biopsie well we got test back a week later we’ll I got out of the hospital after my heart cath and my mom went up to Salt Lake City Utah for the final answer. I stayed home with my sister my mom arrived home. She wasn’t crying so I’m like yay he has no cancer!!! But she wasn’t talking and my older sister who I was with knew. So I was like does grandpa have cancer??? Does he have cancer still no answer. I asked again she finally told me and me and my grandpa are way way close from day 1. We’ll she talked to me and I was like does he have cancer final answer. She started crying so I did too. I’m like he has cancer huh. She’s like yes. I’m balling my eyes out. I’m like does he really??? I’m yelling why why why??? Why him??? 😭 I’m like how long will he live?? What will I do if he dies?? Well they dident know how long he will live so he was sick yellow barley talking his hands were way skinny. It was hard watching him go through this nasty cancer and geuss what cancer it was it was Pancreatic cancer….. I’m yelling why why him again. I’m balling I’ve been his buddy from day 1. So he survived for 3 months. He baptized me and everyone in my family so my sister had her baby we immediately blessed her. He lived for 3 dang missable months. On October 29th 2016 we got a phone call in the morning and it was a Saturday so no school. And the phone call was my grandma she said get your butt down here we think grandpa is dying. So we got down to there house which is 7 miles from my house and my sister was 15 miles to my gradmas. So we arrived to the house I ran in I looked at my grandma and she amwas balling he was already in his death bed. So I got up to him grabbed his yellow skinny hands. And looked at my grandma and just balled. Well he gasped for air and my grandma said I love you. ❤😘 I said it too. And he couldn’t talk but he said I love you back. He gasped again then 5 mins later again well at 11:15 he took his last breath holding my hand😭😭. My life stopped for a few my life is destroyed right now I’m crying while writing this. But before he got on his death bed he went Alaska on a cruise then we went to the desert for his last trip. So 10-29-16 our life’s changed my older sister did not make it in time to say good bye. He was 72 I’m only 15 we were so close from day 1 never thought I would Burri my grandpa while he was This young I’m up a lot crying. It’s almost been 6 months since he died 😭I love u grandpa and your funeral to shut the casket was so hard and go to your grave is so hard I’m crying still to this point. Anyways grandpa I love you so much and miss you everyday 😘❤💋👨‍⚕️🙏😍😭😭😭🔫🔫⚰️😭 Lets kill Cancer #panceraticcancersucks 

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