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My moms story

My mom got diagnosed, after being sick for a long time, with leiomyosarcoma. It’s a cancer of soft tissue, usually, if not only, is found in three places. Luckily she got it in her cervix which is a non fatal part, of caught early enough. First she has the cancer removed and did radiation. At the five year mark, it came back…. Unfortunately it is a cancer that will, eventually, always come back. This time she had to get a hysterectomy and go through chemotherapy. That was the hardest to watch… But being the strong amazing mother she is, she pulled through and is in remission again! However the next time, hopefully not for a long time!, It will be fatal. This doesn’t make me look at the future as we will always lose a loved one to something evil. I just wish lieomyosarcoma could get more attention. She moved to another state where it took her over a year to find a doctor who even did any cancers related to sarcoma. I just want to bring awareness to this cancer.


Every kind of cancer is one of the worst things that can be apart of ANYONES life. Even if you don’t have it yourself. So I hope that more people, drs, researchers, etc. Will bring more attention to sarcoma type cancers. 🤞🙏💞

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