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Never accept defeat

When I was 9, I was diagnosed with anaplastic large cell lymphoma in my left thigh. I was stuck on crutches from the tumor removal being a open wound that sunk into my leg. After 20+pills a day, 15 aggressive chemo rounds and 10 spinal taps I became cancer free 2 years later. During my treatment I made the greatest friend who also was battling her own fight, sadly after 2 years her cancer was to aggressive. She passed away at the age of only 8 years old, I was there at her home less than 24hrs before she went to heaven. Everyday became a struggle without her there. I started powerlifting to strengthen my leg, it became something I loved and decent at. This past weekend first in 13 years I showed my scar off with pride. With a weight total of 330lbs weighing at 129 I placed second. It’s taken me to this year to embrace my survivor background. I now have no anxiety with stares at my scar, I even shaved alot of my hair off , and wore my fuck cancer shirt and my weight belt even has it as well on. For all cancer fighters and survivors. Embrace the fight you have battled, that shit feared you.  We all carry this “swagger” no one else has. We need to stop feeling ashamed of being bald, scars or hiding the history. You deserve to wear a Trojan helmet.  You did the unthinkable ! 

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