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I was only 11 years old when I got send into hospital. In July 5 years ago, I was sent to hospital  and I was told that I had cancer.

It all started weeks before that day. I wasn’t feeling well. On Friday before the first hospital day, I was at my doctor, so he could take tests with me and my blood. On a Monday, my doctor called me in the morning, telling me to go to his place. My Mom, who was at work at that time, drove home to visit the doctor with me. He sent us to hospital. He told my mom I could have cancer, but he was not sure about it.


As we arrived at the Emergency Station of the hospital, we needed to wait for 2 hours. They did Ultrasounds and blood tests…First they told me, I just needed to poop. Then (after 8 hours )they told me that I had Ehec and that I need to go to another hospital.


They called an Ambulance, which took me to the other hospital. There, they wanted my mom to wear protective clothes because Ehec was a really bad illness that time. My Mom said no and then a doctor went by, saw me and my mom and said that he will try to diagnose me now. He did an Ultrasound, like the other doctors before. Then he said, that all these red things on the screen are cancer.


I didn’t knew what cancer was before that day. 


I stayed in that hospital for one night. While that, my dad brought me and my mom clothes to wear and stayed a bit before he went back to my brothers at home.. Thanks Dad 😊

On the next day I was sent back to the first hospital because they had a Station for Kids like me. Kids with cancer.


Again, I went there by an Ambulance. When we arrived there, the Professor of the Childhood- Cancer Station waited for me at the elevators. He started right away with the tests  and stuff….I was 6 Months on treatment and I am happy to say that I kicked cancers butt.💪


I am beyond greatfull for my doctor in my town who sent me to hospital that quick.

One week later and I would have died on my holidays.


It was a bad but good time. I’ve met so many great new people, that don’t wanna miss today!

Thank you to my Mom for being with me everyday and thank you to my dad for taking care of my brothers. You are the best!

Cancer showed me, that no matter what, its Worth fighting and even if life isn’t the best ta the moment, you can make every Moment to a good one if you Just try and don’t lose yourself. Life is full of wonderful things and I am so so happy to say that I love my Life Just like it is❤

Stay positive People. Everything happens for a reason.

Love, Joy from Germany ❤✨

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