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I haven’t yet posted about this, because iv been trying to be strong on my own as much as possible. As time passes, it becomes clearer and clearer that accepting love and support is so much more healing than trying not to be a burden- (which is my own mental obsticle). Asking for help is a difficult thing… But I want to get better at helping and asking for help. 


Last year (02/2016) I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. They took out my whole Thyroid and removed about 13 lymphnodes from my neck. I decided to opt out of radioactive iodine for moral and ethical reasons; I truly feel there are more beneficial options for the long term. So… 


***I have this goal, to heal my body by talking to Nutritionalist and Naturopathic Docs, by utilizing a gym membership and by eating the best and highest vibe organic food/supplements.*** (These are the things I would be using this money for) 


We have an incredible machine to take care of so this machine can function at its highest level. We don’t have to think of Western medicine as our Only option to healing and we can heal ourselves. It does take hard work and dedication but it can be done; there are just no quick fixes. This is a rewarding and permenent endeavor that can help the body feel better and better w age rather than regress as time passes you by. 


What I ask of you? 


I ask that you first imagine your health status and where you want it to be, where it is now or if this is important to you at all? Secondly I would like to thank you for your time and energy, because it is precious and valuable. And finally, if you choose to donate then that is immensely appreciated as well, but follow your gut and do what feels good to your heart. 


Big Love and Gratitude,

Heather Lauer 


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